Every child is a different kind of little flower,
and all together they make this world a beautiful garden.


Date                        Day Event
June 21 Saturday IMPRESSIONS 2014 Performance, Ramapo College
August 18-23 Mon-Sat Dance Intensive Week/Performance/Competition Dance Auditions
August 25-28 Mon-Thurs Dance Intensive Week 2


Please Remember:
~All classes will meet approximately 33 weeks from September thru June and the days off have been reflected in the studio calendar.

Missed Classes:
~Students can makeup in any class offered at the Academy after they have missed a class. Please just stop by the front desk for a makeup slip.

~Dance Company Calendar will be handed out at the Intensive Parent Meeting

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  • Joanne Waldman

    "Infinite Motion is a wonderfully unique and creative dance studio that both supports and challenges dancers of all ages and abilities. The staff are warm, personable, talented and professional. They really focus on the needs of each individual dancer, and make you feel like an important part of their dance family. My daughters look forward every week to their classes!"
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