We Help Each Other...Always
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Sarah Kern, 1 week 2 days ago

- My daughter has gained a tremendous amount of confidence under the direction of her dance teachers. Not only is she learning to dance, she is learning to love herself.

- IMPAA isn’t just a studio, it’s a family. We help each other … Always.

- The faculty guides young performers on a creative journey to find themselves.

Current Choreography, Caring Faculty
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Melissa Alm, 2 weeks 5 days ago

- My daughter has gained such confidence. It’s nothing for her to get up on stage in front of a packed house; it’s truly awe-inspiring.

- While the location and cleanliness were the initial reasons I came, it’s the relationships that both my daughter and I have developed that keep us coming back.

- The phrase that best describes IMPAA: current choreography, caring faculty, and a very happy teenage girl!

They Have Gained Confidence And Sense Of Self
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Rebecca Humphrey, 1 month ago

- Both of my children have learned so much from Infinite Motion. They have gained confidence and a strong sense of self. They have learned focus and discipline. They have learned what it means to work hard for something and what it means to be part of a team.

- Infinite Motion strikes the perfect balance of being a place of fun and love, while also taking the craft of dance and performing arts seriously. The students learn serious performance skills and are expected to work hard. At the same time, every person there is embraced with love, and is taught to never forget to have fun. They offer a range of class offerings at times that are realistic for kids, they have the best teachers, and they communicate so well with parents so there are never any surprises. A place where I entrust my children’s well-being and growth with zero hesitation, knowing they will always be embraced for who they are.

- By far the most professional, well-run, motivating and loving place, which will easily become your second home!

Professional, Inspirational, Fun & Kind Teachers At This Studio
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Allison Tierney, 1 month ago

We have been dancing as a family with IMPAA since 2016 and our daughter is on her second competitive season dancing with the Company. We found IMPAA through word-of-mouth after dancing at the Y for her youngest years and knew we wanted a new atmosphere. We are so lucky we found Ms. Colleen & Ms. Rosanne & all of the amazing professional, inspirational, fun & kind teachers at this studio. They push the right amount, mix in constant support, and cultivate a strong and compassionate group of young boys & girls.

The Company gives these kids so much more than learning how to move your body--they learn organization, patience, respect, responsibility, and how to be a team. I am grateful my daughter loves to dance as much as I love watching her grow and get better every day. IMPAA has allowed us this opportunity and I highly recommend anyone to come check it out. They have literally everything at every age in every category to choose from & are always innovating!

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Irene Gutmann, 1 month ago 3 weeks ago

I have been in the adult program for many years. It has been a wonderful addition to my life. It's a fantastic program! Colleen Cross brings out the best in each of us and I've done things I didn't know I could do. Her choreography makes everyone look good and she brings a fresh take the dance numbers. There is this positive atmosphere at the school that uses dance as a metaphor for being true to your inner spirit and playing full out in life. It's a wonderful message for children and adults!